WWI Bullion Army Service Corps Patch
WWI Bullion Camp Pontanezen Patch
WWI Bullion Central Records Patch
WWI / 1920's 1st Battalion 12th Artillery 2nd Division Patch
WWI Siberia AEF Patch
WWI 3rd Battalion 6th Marine Regiment 2nd Division Patch
WWI / 1920's Headquarters 2nd Division Patch
WWI Bullion 94th Aero Squadron Patch
WWI General Service Intermediate Depot Patch
WWI 5th Corps Artillery Patch
WWI Corps of Engineers Patch
WWI Liberty Loan 89th Division Artillery Patch
WWI 9th Corps Patch
WWI Bullion 3rd Corps Patch
WWI / 1920's Headquarters 2nd Division Patch
WWI Bullion 2nd Corps Patch
WWI 83rd Infantry Division Patch
WWI General Headquarters Patch
WWI Military Fireman Patch
WWI Service of Supply Patch

Griffin Militaria

My name is Daniel Griffin, and I have been a collector and dealer in original military antiques and collectibles for over 40 years.

I am a life member of the Forks of the Delaware Arms Association as well as a life member of the Ohio Valley Military Society. Moderator on Wehrmacht-Awards Forum , US Militaria Forum and the World Militaria Forum . Many of you know me from my presence as a dealer at the Allentown, Pennsylvania Gun Show, the Max Show, the OVMS Show of Shows, and the Meadowlands Militaria Show among others.

I am a long-term seller on Ebay (using the designation of “griffinmilitaria”) and I have earned Ebay’s gold seal as a “Top Rated Seller” for my attention to accuracy, originality, and service, as reflected in the positive feedback that I have received from buyers around the world in over 20,000 transactions.

I have established my website for the purpose of continuing what I have been doing for decades: offering quality original militaria to collectors who have a wide variety of interests and a wide range of budgets. We generally add over 100 new items per week and do updates on a daily basis.

Whether you are a new collector just venturing into the field of American World War I collar insignia, or a collector with years of experience who is searching for a Civil War presentation sword, I invite you to visit my site often.