Signed Japanese Katana in Civilian Mounts with Signed Blade and Leather Combat Scabbard Cover
WWII Japanese Army Officer Shin Gunto Sword
Signed WWII Japanese Army Officer Shin Gunto Sword with Leather Combat Scabbard Cover
Japanese Katana in Civilian Mounts
Unit Marked 1917 Dated M1898 German Bayonet by Alexander Coppel
WWII Third Reich Fire Police Dress bayonet by Carl Lutters & Cie (Lowenwerk), Solingen
WWII German K98 Dress Bayonet by WKC
Black Leather K98 Dress Bayonet Frog
WWII German K98 Combat Bayonet Frog
Third Reich Dusseldorf Schutzpolizei Dress Bayonet by P.D. Lüneschloss with Matching Numbers
WWII Japanese Shin Gunto Sword Solid Tsuba
WWII Japanese Army Company Grade Officer Sword Knot
WWII Japanese Army Company Grade Officer Sword Knot
Official Stationary of Hans Frank as Governor General of Occupied Poland
Reichsleiter Martin Bormann Munich Fuhrerbau Office Stationary
Rear Seam, Swivel Bale M1 Helmet with 1988 Dated Liner
Model 1885 U.S. Army Drinking Cup
Standschutzen Battalion Kitzbuhel Patch
Large WWII Photo Album of Combat Operations on Saipan and Tinian, with Nose Art and Japanese Surrender Photographs
Identified Album of a WWII G.I. with His Insignia and Captured Japanese Photographs, Currency, and Postcards

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