1944 Dated Signed Japanese Army Officer Shin Gunto Sword


The sword has an overall length in the scabbard of approximately 38 inches, with a blade length of approximately 22-1/2 inches. The blade is generally bright, with a visible straight temper line and showing spots, scratches and a few dark areas near the tip. The light ray skin grip is wrapped in the traditional style with red-brown fabric, beneath which are the traditional gilt military menuki of three cherry blossoms on each side. The tsuba guard is the solid style, with relief cherry blossoms. The tang is dated in August of 1944 and it is signed “Hidehiro”. His real name was “Muto Hideyoshi”, who was born in 1891 and who was a Rikugun Jumei Tosho (Army Certified Swordsmith) during World War II. The scabbard of the sword retains virtually all of its olive green paint. Overall the sword is in very good condition.

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