WWII German Urania Piccola Cased SS Portable Typewriter


The cased typewriter is a “Urania” brand, manufactured by the firm of Clemens Mueller, A.G., of Dresden. The “Piccola” (meaning “small”) portable model was produced from 1925 to 1937. This example was produced for use by the SS, with the key for the number “3” having the SS runes on the key and activated by use of the “Sift” key. The typewriter also has a key for the letter “U” with a umlaut, and other distinctly German language keys. The smaller, cased size (as compared to a desk top model) allowed the typewriter to be carried into the field for use during operations. The typewriter is in excellent condition, and functions very well. The typewriter within the case measures approximately 12 1/2 inches wide by 13 inches long by 6 inches high. Item 32516.


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