WWII U.S. Navy Submariner Momsen Lung Underwater Rebreather


The Momsen Lung was an underwater rebeather used before and during WWII by American submariners as emergency escape gear. The rubber bag containing the tank bears the U.S. Navy anchor stamp. The mouthpiece attachment bears a patent number of “1999086”, which is identified as a patent that was issued in 1935 for what was termed in the patent application a “Respiratory Protective Apparatus “, and which was more commonly referred to as a “Rebreather”. The tank is accompanied by its original canvas carrying bag and rubber eye mask. The lenses of the mask are somewhat dirty from age, but they are intact, and the rubber of the mask is pliable and supple. The tank bag shows age, but it is intact and complete with attachment straps. Overall very good  condition.


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