WWII Named Marine Corps VMO-6 Aviator Summer AN-J-2 Flight Jacket and M-426A Flight Suit Group


The group is comprised of the AN-J-2 summer flight jacket and the M426A summer flight suit of D.C. Ware, a Marine Corps aviator who flew with the combat observation squadron VMO-6. The flight jacket is a size 40 and displays both the leather name tag on the left breast and a large, embroidered wool, rare VMO-6 squadron patch on the right breast. The jacket further has Ware’s name stamped inside. The jacket is in very good condition, without distracting stains or holes. The Talon zipper does not zip up more than approximately an inch from the bottom of the jacket.  The M-426A summer flight suit is a size 42-M and, like the jacket, caries Ware’s leather name tag.  The Talon zipper is fully functional.  The fight suit is in excellent condition, showing only signs of relatively light wear and use. The group further includes a set of headphones in which Ware wrote his name and service number, and a pair of heavy winter flight mittens.


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