WWII Kriegsmarine Lion Head Officer Sword by WKC


The sword has an overall length in the scabbard of approximately 39 inches with a blade length of 33 inches. The blade has a number of gray areas and spots of rust. The ricasso bears the knight’s helmet manufacturing mark of the WKC firm. The grip is cream colored celluloid over wood. It is triple wrapped with brass wire, which is loose in spots. The Lion head pommel contains glass eyes, one red and one green. The sword has dual folding clamshell guards, one on the front of the sword and one on the back, with the rear guard folding down onto a stud to keep the sword secure in the scabbard. The fire gilt finish of the hilt fittings is intact and quite impressive. The black leather scabbard has some scuffs to the finish. The fire gilt finish on the scabbbard fittings is intact. The top fitting at the throat of the scabbard is somewhat loose. A braided leather sword hanging cord remains attached to the upper ring of the scabbard.

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