WWII Japanese Navy Wall Clock


The front of the wood case measures 15-3/4″ X 15-3/4″, has a glazed hinged door and cardboard face with Japanese navy insignia and numbering from 1-24. The back, which houses the works measures 7-1/2″ X 15-1/4″ and is 3-3/8″ deep and exhibits a hinged door at the bottom and metal mounting bracket at the top. The works appear to be complete and it strikes on the hour when the minute hand is rotated, when I bought it in Japan, the collector said that he had had the spring replaced and the works cleaned. There is a circular opening on the face which appears to have a metal pendulum behind it. The old spring is included as is a glass pendulum and key. I do not know if it works and can’t see where the pendulum goes, but the works appear to be clean.


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