WWII Japanese Munitions Ministry Air Weapons Corps Flag


An exceptional flag, approximately 27 by 38 inches in size, in dark blue silk with gold lace border. The flag is double sided and features the design of an airplane against the rising sun, and on the body of the plane is the stylized kanji for “Military”. There is kanji printed on the flag which identifies it as the flag of the “Directorate General of Air Weapons”, Facilities/Installations Production/Manufacturing Corps, within the Ministry of Munitions.
The flag has two reinforced corners but it has no ties and does not appear to have ever had them. The flag is in wonderful condition and is truly impressive.

A Japanese website provided the following statement about the Directorate General of Air Weapons in World War II:

Department of Munitions, responsible for increasing production of air weapons. Established within the Ministry of Munitions on November 1, 1943. The secretary was Saburo Endo (Lieutenant General Army). We managed improvement of production efficiency by unitarily managing the navy and weapons of the Army and the Navy. At the General Aircraft Weapons Department, we undertook the affairs related to aircraft and related weapons and equipment (including the adjustment of these supplies and the affairs involved therewith). At the inception, General Directorate of Air Force Weapons includes “Cabinet Secretary” in charge of general affairs and investigation, “General Affairs Bureau” in charge of general matters concerning general affairs affairs, “First station” in charge of aircraft fuselage and engine, aircraft related weapons “Second station” in charge of equipment, “Third station” in charge of materials of air weapons, “Fourth station” in charge of the tune of aircraft and related weapons and equipments. It was abolished with the demolition of the Ministry of Munitions on August 26, 1945.


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