WWII Japanese Army Type 95 Tokyo Arsenal NCO Shin-Gunto Sword


A World War II Type 95 Japanese Army NCO sword on which the sword blade and scabbard both have matching serial numbers. The position of the number on the blade, configured to be read with the cutting edge down, identifies the sword as having been produced by the Tokyo Arsenal (The only other source for the Type 95 sword was the Nagoya arsenal, which impressed the number on the blade in such a way that it is read with the cutting edge facing up). The machine-made blade is 26 inches long. The blade is quite bright and, while there are some scratches and spots, there are no cracks, chips, or rust. The overall length is approximately 38 inches in the scabbard. The grip still retains much of its brown paint, being approximately 70% intact, and the golden yellow paint on the cherry blossom menuki is approximately 50% intact. The scabbard exhibits about 70% of its original olive brown. The tsuba is the plain style utilized on NCO swords. The fuchi collar at the base of the grip bears three stamped marks, these being the marks of the Iijima Copany, the group that manufactured the blade within the Tokyo Arsenal; the inspection stamp of the Imperial Army unit within the Tokyo arsenal that inspected the sword; and the Tokyo Arsenal identification stamp. An excellent example of a World War II Type 95 Japanese Army NCO sword that was obviously carried in the field of combat operations.


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