WWII Japanese Army Officer Display Figure with Sword


Approximately 14 inches tall and 7 inches wide, this figure of a Japanese army officer with sword is wonderfully detailed and very impressive. The head is porcelain with glass eyes. The uniform is a nicely detailed miniaturization of the uniform worn in the field by a Japanese army officer. The head is retained on the figure by a string, and that string has apparently stretched a bit with time. It is still connected to the figure, and the head still rests nicely on the shoulders, but care needs to be taken when tilting the figure, so that the head is held in place during movement. The officer even wears a small holster for a Nambu pistol and a small binoculars case. Of course, there are no binoculars or pistol, and the holster and case are solid and not meant to contain them, but they are indicative of the care that was taken in creating the piece. Very good condition and most impressive in appearance.


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