WWII Japanese Army NCO Type 95 Shin-Gunto Sword


World War II period Japanese Army NCO’s shin gunto sword. The sword has the later war checkered wood grip. The fuchi hilt collar is unmarked, consistent with the later war production. The tsuba is plain black iron, again a classic component of the late war Type 95 sword. The blade bears the number “212364” as does the scabbard. The number is read when the sword is held with the cutting edge upward, which identifies the sword as having been produced by the Nagoya Arsenal (the only other arsenal which produced the Type 95 NCO sword was the Tokyo Arsenal, and those swords carry numbers which are read with the cutting edge down). The blade is generally bright overall, with some smudges and scratches, but no edge nicks or active rust. The blade is approximately 26 inches long, with an overall length of approximately 38 inches. The olive brown paint on the scabbard shows wear and is approximately 70% intact.

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