WWII German Entfernungsmesser 14 Range Finder for Machine Gun and Mortar Crews and Airborne Forces


The range finder was manufactured by the prestigious optics firm of Carl Zeiss and it is contained within its original carrying tube, although the tube lacks carrying straps. Approximately 32 inches long and weighing 10 pounds exclusive of its carrying tube, clear optics. The U.S. War Department Technical Manual on German Military Forces (TM-E-30-451, March, 1945) stated that the model 14 “coincidence range finder is used by German machine-gun and mortar units, and by airborne troops for obtaining the ranges of ground targets. It also is used with the M.G.34 for antiaircraft fire. For adjustment an artificial infinity is used. There is no adapter for mounting on a tripod.” This range finder has some wear to the paint and some areas of rust. The leather end covers are in place. The carrying tube shows wear and use and lacks the cover on one end.


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