WWII Combat Model Type 19 Japanese Cavalry Officer Sword


Introduced in 1886, the sword has an overall length in the scabbard of approximately 35 inches with a blade length of approximately 27 inches. The Type 19 cavalry sword was produced in a “parade” version that carried a chromium plated blade and which was assembled with a bolt, and in a “combat” version, as with this example, with the sword assembled using the menuki peg in the grip. The blade is quite bright and, while it has typical spots and scratches, it is free of nicks, chips, or active rust. The brass basket guard has a pommel and back strap decorated with cherry blossoms to indicate a company grade officer, and all indicate a dark, uncleaned patina. The grip is covered in leather and wrapped with brass wire. There is a manufacturer mark on the underside of the guard next to the quillon. The plated scabbard shows a darkened area near the top where the scabbard would have been repeatedly gripped by the officer carrying the sword. The scabbard has some minor, shallow dents that do not affect the ability to draw or sheath the sword. Overall very good condition.


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