Very Old Samurai Sword in Officer Kyu-Gunto Mounts


A truly historic Japanese blade, most likely a family sword, that was remounted over the centuries, and its final iteration was this Kyu Gunto form. The length of the blade, from tip to habaki, is 26 1/2 inches, or 67 1/2 centimeters. The overall length, in the scabbard, is approximately 38 inches. The tang has five holes, reflecting the fact that the sword was shortened and re-mounted over a very long period of time. This process removed and portion of the tang that might have carried the smith’s signature. The blade was very likely 28 to 29 inches long originally, and was most probably forged as a samurai’s sword of the 16th century (Koto). The blade grain is fairly straight with, not surprisingly, a few small openings in spots. The blade hamon is still visible and reasonably wide. The blade has some spots but overall is very clean. The grip is ray skin grip with triple wrapped wire. The scabbard is nickel plating with some speckling and a few small spots of loss of the plating.

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