Type 19 Company Grade Officer Kyu-Gunto Sword


The blade length is approximately 30 1/2 inches with the sword having an overall length in the scabbard of approximately 37 inches. The fittings and pierced guard are gilt over brass, darkly toned, and it appears that the gilt is mostly worn. The original fabric officer’s sword knot remains in place, tied around the guard, and the knot is darkly toned and in that respect matches the sword as a whole. The grip is black celluloid over wood, triple wrapped with wire, and is free of chips or cracks. The plated blade has an artificial temper line with typical spots and scratches. The blade is generally very bright, and there is only a very tiny spot at the very tip on one side where plating has been lost. The blade is smooth and it has no chips or cracks. The scabbard is nickel and is dark from age and use. Overall very good condition.


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