Third Reich Panther Head Sword by Anton Wingen Jr.


A Third Reich panther head sword with the blade bearing the knight logo and name of the firm of Anton Wingen, Jr., of Solingen. The cross guard langet displays a short wing political eagle that is similar in design to the Third Reich police eagle. The wood grip is covered in black celluloid with triple wrapped wire. One strand of wire at the base of the grip is broken. The entire hilt assembly has the coloration of dark, unpolished, brass, and traces of the original fire gilt can be observed in areas. The hilt of the swrod is a panther’s head, with two red glass eyes set into it. The nickel plated blade has the expected minor spots and scratches but, overall, it is still mirror-bright. The blade is 33 inches long and the sword has an overall length in the scabbard of approximately 38 inches. The scabbard is the style with black paint, and on this scabbard to paint is about 60% intact, with most of the paint loss on the lower sections and the drag.


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