Third Reich Army “Old Style” Artillery NCO Uniform


The “Old Style” uniform of an Army Unteroffizier of artillery, characterized by an 8 button front closure and red branch of service piping down the front of the tunic and on the breeches. The Unteroffizier, as a non-commissioned officer, was entitled to wear the bullion eagle which is found on the right breast. The tunic itself is a private purchase example of officer quality, in higher grade ribbed wool. The shoulder straps have small holes where the NCO would have worn metal regimental numbers, with these numbers later being removed in accordance with wartime security regulations. Underneath the right shoulder strap is a small button where an army artillery marksmanship lanyard was worn. The silver bullion eagle, the collar tabs, and the tresse on the shoulder straps are all toned with age. The tunic shows expected signs of wear and use, but overall it is very clean, and free of stains or holes. The red piped breeches are, like the tunic, of officer quality. The breeches show more evidence of wear, with some spots, a few fabric pulls, and a few small holes, but nothing that is particularly distracting. In total the uniform is quite striking in appearance and in very good condition.


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