Signed WWII Japanese Navy Officer Shin Gunto Sword


The sword has an overall length in the scabbard of approximately 38 inches with a blade length of approximately 25 inches. The blade is very bright, with some scratches and with a very tiny single nick to the cutting edge of the blade that is barely perceptible except upon close examination. The tang is painted with assembly numbers on each side, consisting of “21-852 21-852 21” and it is signed on one side “Takeyasu Saku”, or “Made by Takeyasu”. The tsuba is metal with a brass finish, and it is pierced in a honeycomb pattern. There is a circular leather disk beneath the tsuba. The handle of the sword is wrapped in the traditional fashion with brown fabric, beneath which the grip is leather covered. The standard military menuki of three cherry blossoms are located on each side of the handle. The scabbard is skin over wood, and a leather combat cover is present on the scabbard. The upper scabbard fitting is missing the carrying ring. The sword was quite obviously carried in the field, and externally it shows the expected signs of wear, but overall the sword is in very good field used condition.


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