Signed WWII Japanese Army Officer Shin Gunto Sword


The sword has an overall length in the scabbard of approximately 39 inches with a blade length of approximately 25 inches. The blade is relatively bright despite a film of dirt and grime from years of storage. The blade has typical spots and scratches but it is without chips, nicks, or active rust, and there is a distinctive and impressive temper line on the cutting edge of the blade. The tang is signed “Kanemune”. This swordsmith’s actual name was Fukumoto Koichi. He was born on 14 October, 1902. Fukumoto Kanemune was working in the Mino province during World War II. He was the adopted son-in-law of Fukumoto Amahide, and he died on 8 March 1977. The tsuba is large, rectangular, and plain brass on the top; the underside of the tsuba has a silver plate affixed to it which is engraved with the design of a roiling sea. The grip is covered in white shark skin and it is wrapped in the traditional fashion in golden brown silk tape. The fabric has become slightly dark from its exposure to the elements and from handling. The standard military menuki of three cherry blossoms is beneath the wrapping on both sides. The wood scabbard is protected by a period leather “combat cover”. A blue silk ribbon is ties around the upper section of the scabbard through the carrying ring. The sword is in overall excellent field used condition.


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