Signed 15th Century Samurai Sword in Resting Scabbard


A hand made sword of the samurai era, signed “Kagemitsu”. The blade is approximately 27 inches long. The tang has 3 holes, indicating that the sword was re-mounted over the years. The blade has a visible temper line. The blade has engravings on both sides. On one side is the representation of a “Ken” type of sword. On the other is the stylized Sanscrit (called “bonji” in Japanese) of Fudo Myou O-sama, the guard at the gates of hell. The blade has gray spots and some nicks to the edge, but no chips or active rust. On the scabbard is written information in Japanese which identifies the creator of the sword, its period, and its length:
– Kagemitsu, Residing in Kaga Province;
– Period: About Oei era [1394-1428];
– Nagasa 2-shaku, 2-sun, 4 bu Aru-no [67.876cm/ 26.72in]/
The sword is accompanied by a document, approximately 7 inches by 10 inches, designated a “Certificate” from the Japan Association for Preservation of Art Swords and dated December 1, 1949, identifying the creator and approximate age of the sword. The document is typed in English on one side and has Japanese on the other. The Japanese is translated as follows:
“1. Sword; Name: Kagemitsu; Length: 2-shaku 2-sun 4-bu.
Kagemitsu was a person in the Ōe era (about 500 years ago); he made swords affiliated with the Fujishima faction. Gunome hamon shows the characteristic of the Fujishima faction and the two-sided horimono is interesting. We certify/verify this sword is excellent amongst how many produced.
1 December 1949
Nippon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai (a legal foundation) [seal]”


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