“Our Flying Navy in Action”: Set of 21 WWII U.S. Navy Aviation Art Prints – Wartime Printing


The group is comprised of prints of 21 works of art relating to U.S. Navy Aviation in World War II, with the art having been commissioned by Abbott Laboratories and presented to the Navy. While the set includes a listing of each piece of art in the “Abbott Collection”, these sets, produced for the public during the war, included reproductions of only 21 images from the collection. A few of the images are black and white, with the rest in color, and the prints range in size from 7-3/8 inches by 9-1/2 inches, up to approximately 13 inches by 20 inches. The set is contained within a large folio, together with a booklet about the entire collection and a catalogue which lists all of the works in the collection. The folio folder shows some discoloration on the cover, but the prints are in excellent condition.

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