Near Mint WWII Front Seam Fixed Bale M1 Combat Helmet with Hawley Liner


The helmet represents early wartime production of the M1 model and is in very nearly mint condition, showing only what could be described as storage wear. The helmet shell is a front seam example with fixed bales for the chin straps. The exterior cork infused olive drab paint is essentially 100% intact, showing only minor scratches that do not even penetrate through the paint. The paint even remains nearly complete on the rim, which was notorious for its inability to retain the paint. The interior front of the helmet carries the heat stamp number of “87”. The olive green web strap is very clean and sew to fixed bales on either side of the helmet. The chin strap square clasp has the raised bar of the early production clasps and both components of the chin strap connection system have complete and intact finish. The Hawley liner is in as near mint condition as the helmet shell, being without cracks or chips, and exhibiting only a few spots on the exterior. The interior light olive green webbing is bright and without any signs of wear, with the nomenclature stamp present on the back of the nape strap. The liner chin strap remains present, and while the M1 liner chin straps were notoriously fragile and are usually now found as dry and nearly broken, the chin strap on this set is as fresh and near mint as the helmet and the liner. This World War II M1 helmet and its Hawley liner are in truly extraordinary condition and virtually impossible to upgrade.

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