Near Mint French Made German Army Officer M43 Field Cap


An exceptional example of the World War II German Army officer’s M43 field cap as manufactured in France pursuant to a contract with the occupying German military power. The cap is constructed from a very good quality field gray wool. The crown of the cap is piped with silver bullion cord. The front of the cap displays the insignia of an open wing Army eagle and national cockade, both machine embroidered on a trapezoid shaped section of green badge cloth. The trapezoid is machine sewn to the front of the cap, with the insignia correctly stitched through only the exterior of the cap and not the lining. The lining itself is black cotton. There is a light gray leather sweat band the runs around the interior circumference of the cap. The cap has the side and back fold-down panel which is secured in the front by two metal buttons painted field gray. On the underside of the panel is a cloth label bearing the size mark of 56. The cap shows no indications of ever having been worn. The cap is in exceptional condition and is free of stains or holes. Aside from the typical signs of age and storage the cap is in a near mint, unissued, condition.


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