Named WWI / WWII American Field Service Medal Group


A group consisting of two full size engraved American Field Service medals and two identical sets of miniature medals, being the awards and decorations of Frank X. Laflamme, who served with the American Field Service in World War I and World War II. Both the individual medals and the medal bars use French style ball end suspensions. The reverse of one of the Field Service medals is finely engraved in script “Frank X. Laflamme”. The other is finely engraved in block letters “American Field Service / British Italo Campaign / 1940-1941 / Kenya Colony / B.E.A.” (the latter abbreviation indicating “British East Africa”). The on line archive of the American Field Service identifies Frank X. Laflamme as having served as an ambulance driver with the French Army in World War I, with subsequent service throughout all of World War II as an American Field Service representative. The full size AFS medal engraved with Laflamme’s name was presumably the decoration that was awarded to him for his World War I service, while the second example of the medal was clearly engraved to reflect his World War II service in the organization. Apparently Laflamme also served in the United States Army in some capacity during World War II. The two mounted sets of miniature medals are identical, and consist of the following medals and decorations:
– American Field Service Medal, in 14 Karat gold, by the jeweler Cartier. Both examples of the miniature AFS medals are, amazingly, engraved in the same manner as the full size medal for service in Kenya.
– British WWII Africa Star.
– WWII American Campaign Medal.
– WWII U.S. Army Good Conduct Medal.
– WWII American Victory Medal.
– French Legion of Honor.
– British 1939-1945 War Medal.
– The British King’s Medal for Service in the Cause of Freedom.
The medals show use and wear but are in overall excellent condition.


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