Named WWI 43rd Balloon Company Uniform Group


The group is comprised of the uniform tunic, breeches, puttees, and overcoat of a Corporal in the 43rd Balloon Company of the American Expeditionary Force in France. The tunic caries “U.S.” and Signal Corps collar disks; a Corporal chevron on the right sleeve; a single overseas service chevron and a discharge chevron on the left sleeve; and on the left shoulder is a very fine multi piece patch for the Balloon Companies of the 1st Army. Above the left breast pocket is the ribbon for the Victory Medal. The tunic has several small scattered holes but nothing that is particularly distracting. The wool service breeches show multiple noticeable holes and repairs. The wool puttees are present and in good used condition. The overcoat has had two buttons come off of the coat but the buttons are present in the pocket. The bottoms of the exterior pockets have been repaired and show repair stitching. On the left shoulder of the overcoat is the same multi piece Balloon Company patch that is on the uniform tunic. The name and unit of the Corporal who wore the uniform is written on the interior lining of the overcoat.


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