Named Imperial German Military Stein with Von Hindenburg Quote


The half liter pottery stein is approximately 12 1/2 inches tall in overall height. The rim of the lid is engraved “Gefr. Hinkler 2/31”. The stein bears the “In Memory of My Service Time” statement above the color depiction of a horse drawn artillery piece, with the caption “K├Ânigin aller Waffen”, or “King of all Weapons”. Below the illustration is a quote from Field Marshal Von Hindenburg: “Was Deutsch War Muss Wieder Deutsch Werden Das Merke Dir Du Deutsche Jugend” (“German youth should remember that what was German once must be German again”, a reference to territory and other possessions lost by Germany after World War I. The stein had a very subtle repair to the pewter strap around the stein handle. There is a “Y” shaped hairline crack to the interior side of the base that does not effect the integrity of the stein.

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