Named Cased Japanese Navy 1st Class Aviation Badge


From the excellent website “Imperial Japan Medals and Badges” dot com: “Awarded to Navy pilots, mechanics, and technicians. There were two tests, a flying test and a technical test. Included subjects such as scouting, aerial photography, piloting skills, mid-air conflict, etc.” The badge is in very good condition with dark, uncleaned patina. There is some loss of green enamel in several of the leaves on the front of the badge and the reverse catch exhibits a period repair. It is contained within its fitted, titled leather case, which shows expected signs of age and wear. The recipient of the badge scratched his name, rank, and service number in kanji onto the back of the badge along with the award date. From this we know that the recipient was Petty Officer (Aviation) 2nd Class Deguchi, Yokosuka Volunteer Aviation 112, with the designation as well of “Flight Superior Class Badge” and the date of 1930. No doubt Petty Officer Deguchi saw some significant service in the years following the award of this badge to him.


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