Named and Cased Imperial Japanese Navy Captain’s Full Dress Fore and Aft Hat and Epaulettes Set


The set is comprised of an Imperial Japanese Navy Captain’s full dress fore and aft hat and a pair of full dress epaulettes for a Navy Captain. The white silk interior of the hat has an embroidered name in the older form of Japanese writing called “hentaigana”. The name within the hat is “Matsushita”. The hat is in excellent condition, showing only light wear and use. The dress epaulettes are similarly in excellent condition, showing only some mild age toning of the gold bullion. The hat and the epaulettes are contained within their fitted leather carrying case, which is missing the carrying strap on the lid. The front of the case has a brass plate bearing kanji with the full officer’s name of “Matsushita Kasaku”. In 1932 he was a Captain in Finance & Accounting, Kure Arsenal Department Calculation Section Manager, and attached to Kure Naval District. On the end of the case is a large old paper shipping company label which appears to bear the name “Matsushita” written in English. The set is exceptionally impressive and worthy of further research.

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