M41 EM/NCO Tropical Kriegsmarine Field Cap


A white cotton M41 Kriegsmarine tropical field cap for enlisted or NCO ranks. The cap carries a machine woven national eagle, executed in gold threads on a tan base, which is hand sewn to the peak of the cap, although it is not sewn through the lining. Below the eagle is a machine embroidered national cockade on a tan base. The cockade is machine sewn to the cap, being correctly sewn through the lining of the cap. Each side of the cap has two brass grommets for ventilation. The entire interior of the cap is properly lined in golden rayon. The front seam of the lining has an opening from wear and use. The cap has a number of spots from use on both the body of the cap and on the visor. The interior of the cap similarly shows the expected signs of wear in a tropical or desert environment, since these caps were of course worn by members of the Kriegsmarine who served as a part of Field Marshal Rommel’s Afrika Korps. The cap as a whole has tremendous character and enormous appeal for a collector who wants an artifact to have an absolutely unquestionable “been there” look to it. This cap exhibits all of the classic characteristics of the Kriegsmarine tropical M41 cap, down to the fact that the center exterior seam on the top of the cap is correctly stitched through the interior lining, a design feature that added strength to the body of the tropical M41 caps. This is very simply a truly fine example of a combat worn tropical M41 cap with enormous character.


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