M1916 Camouflage Helmet with Painted Iron Cross


A Model 1916 German combat helmet that was given a very interesting camouflage paint scheme that was further embellished by the German soldier with a painted Iron Cross o the top of the helmet. The exterior camouflage paint is approximately 90% intact. The camouflage pattern utilized areas of the helmet’s original field gray paint in conjunction with irregular patterns of dark green, gray, red, pink and black. On the dome of the helmet was painted an Iron Cross, outlined in white. The interior leather liner band is present. One of the original three liner pads is still attached to the liner band, while a second pad is present but detached from the band. The third liner pad is missing. There is no chin strap but the chin strap attachment hardware is still on both of the interior lugs. A manufacturer mark of “W” is visible on the interior side of the helmet. This is a camouflage helmet that is both quite unusual and exceptionally striking in appearance.


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