Luftwaffe Air Ministry / Engineer Unit EM/NCO Visor Cap


The visor cap is piped in black, reflecting service in the Air Ministry or in a Luftwaffe Engineer unit. The private purchase cap is in exceptional condition, with a superb “saddle” shape and a high front peak. The exterior of the cap is without stains or holes and would be accurately described as being in “Near Mint” condition. The black leather chin strap is in place across the visor. The chin strap shows some signs of age and wear. The body of the cap is a wool – Rayon blend material with a subtle whipcord weave. The cap has a black mohair band and a black leather visor which is without damage. The interior of the cap has a full celluloid sweat shield. The interior leather sweat band is cracked and shows a few tears, but it is intact. Overall the cap makes a superb appearance.

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