Large WWII Army-Navy Production Award Pennant


The large pennant that was awarded to companies during World War II whose production facilities achieved “Excellence in Production” (“E”) of war equipment. This pennant was produced by the Philadelphia Quartermaster Department and it is so marked on the hoist edge. It is approximately 64 inches wide by 93 inches long, or about 5 feet 4 inches by almost 8 feet in size. The flag also displays a star on the pennant, which was awarded to those companies that maintained an outstanding record of performance for six months after receiving their original Army-Navy E-Award. The pennant is cotton construction with separately sewn letters and wreath on both sides. The flag was quite obviously flown during the war by the company to which it was awarded. There is a small hole, about 1 inch in diameter, next the the “R” in “Army”. There are also some tiny holes in the border, undoubtedly made by tacks when the flag was at some point displayed by being tacked on to a wall. Overall the flag makes a very good appearance.


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