Large Group of Japanese Soldier’s Medals and Documents


A large group of one Japanese soldier’s medals, documents, and insignia, contained within two cloth “comfort bags”. The soldier’s name was evidently “Shimora”, and he served in a mounted artillery unit of the Imperial Japanese Army. The group includes the following items, all of which were contained within two green cloth comfort bags and found at a flea market in Japan:

The medals are the man’s medal of membership in the Japanese Red Cross with the blue rosette on the ribbon designating a Life Member, with lapel rosette; The Order of the Rising Sun, 8th Class, cased, with lapel rosette; The Manchuko Foundation Medal, cased; and the Machuko Incident Medal, cased, with a document folded inside of the lid.

There are eight society or organizational badges, three of which are contained within wooden boxes. Of these eight badges, four of them are of the Imperial Soldier Expired Time League. One of these is the red enamel badge that indicates an individual who is an official of the league.

The group has insignia which includes a set of red wool shoulder straps denoting the rank of Superior Private; a single ribbon bar, with broken catch, for the Red Cross Medal; a ribbon bar with the ribbons of the Red Cross Medal and Manchuko Foundation Medal; a two place ribbon bar with only the ribbon of the Rising Sun on it; and a three place ribbon bar with the ribbons of the Rising Sun and the Manchuko Incident Medal; and a four place medal mount which has rust.

There is also paper material with the group, seven items in number, consisting of documents and booklets. There is also a large map, which has a partial tear, depicting the area of northern China that was Manchuko, and the Korean peninsula.

The medals and badges are excellent condition, while the documents show some degree of use and age.


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