Japanese Type 19 Army Cavalry Officer Sword


The nickle plated blade is approximately 31 inches long with the sword having an overall length of approximately 42 inches in the scabbard. The horn grip is free of cracks or chips. There may at one time have been wire wrapping around the grip but there is none present and there are no wear marks on the grip to indicate that it was ever present. The blade has some spots of light surface rust and some old, dried oil, but the blade is without nicks or cracks. The brass pierced basket guard has a uniformly dark and uncleaned patina. The nickle plated scabbard has spots of rust and several small dents. There is a repaired hole in the scabbard on one side at the very base of the scabbard, and there is a small unrepaired hole on the opposite side of the scabbard at about the point where the drag begins.


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