Japanese Army Field Grade Officer Type 19 Court Style Full Dress Sword


The “Court Style” Army officer swords were worn on full dress occasions. The sword has an overall length in the scabbard of approximately 28-1/2 inches, with a blade length of approximately 21 inches. The blade is generally mirror-bright, with a few scattered spots and scratches, primarily on the upper reverse side where there is a disturbance to the plating creating a small spot. The grip is without chips or cracks and it is tightly triple wrapped with toned gilt wire. The obverse guard is static, bearing a relief sun with ray ends that are “V” shaped. The reverse side of the sword has a folding clamshell guard. The pommel displays a dragonfly, the indication that the sword was that of an army officer and not a court sword. The ferrule and the band immediately below the pommel are highly decorated, as is the scabbard drag, all indicating that the sword was carried by an army officer of field grade rank. All of the components of the guard, handle, pommel, and scabbard retain a fine, age toned, fire gilt finish, showing only relatively minor wear and age. The body of the leather scabbard exhibits minor scuffs and scrapes. Tied around the sword grip is a portepee with a golden yellow cord, and having a slide, stem, and teardrop base in red and white. Overall the sword is in excellent condition.



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