Imperial German Dove Head Triple Etched Blade Mining Service Official’s Sword


The sword has an overall length of approximately 37 inches with a blade length of approximately 32 inches.  The blade is generally bright on the upper three quarters of both sides, with the blade likely to benefit from a careful cleaning. Approximately 2 inches of the leather scabbard is missing from the base along with the bottom scabbard fitting, and this has been replaced with a piece of cardboard slipped on to the scabbard to protect the point. This missing piece of scabbard  allowed the bottom of the blade to be exposed to moisture, causing dark spots and some pitting at this section of the blade. The upper section of the blade is etched on both sides and on the spine with decorative scrolls and a panoply of arms. The dove head pommel, guard, and scabbard fittings are brass and exhibit old patina.The langet carries the crossed hammer and mallet insignia of the Bergbau, the German mining service. The grip is shark skin, tightly triple wrapped with wire.  There has been some shrinkage of the leather of the scabbard, such that the sword does not slide entirely into the scabbard. However, only about a quarter of an inch of the ricasso protrudes above the scabbard throat, which is barely discernible.

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