Imperial German 115th Lifeguard Infantry Rgt. Stein


A 1/2 liter stein, with an overall height of approximately 12 1/2 inches tall. The stein is named to a “Gardist” soldier who served from 1907 to 1909 in the 115th Lifeguard Infantry Regiment, which was the 1st Grand Ducal Hessian Regiment. The central image of soldiers and a portrait of Hessian Prince Carl is flanked by scenes of soldiers in camp and in action, along with unit rosters. The rosters are somewhat faded but the names are still readable. The top has a Hessian lion thumb lift and a seated soldier finial, from which the spike of the soldier’s helmet is missing. The bottom of the stein has a “Farewell” lithopane scene. Overall excellent condition.

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