German Dove Head Army Officer Sword by E. Pack


The sword has an overall length in the scabbard of approximately 39 inches, with a blade length of 34 inches. The blade is bright, with some relatively minor spots and scratches, but no chips, nicks, or rust. The ricasso bears the manufacturer mark of the firm of Ernst Pack & Son. The guard has a closed wing Wehrmacht style eagle engraved on the langet, while the guard on the front side is engraved with swastikas in a “Greek Key” pattern on either side of the langet. The back side of the guard is engraved with acorns. The “P” guard is slightly pushed in at the bottom.The pommel is a “dove head” style, but the pommel, back strap, and guard are all engraved with oak leaves. The grip is black celluloid over wood. It is triple wrapped with brass wire and the grip is without cracks or chips. The black scabbard paint has some scratches and chips, and it is approximately 90% intact.


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