Field Marshal Von Blomberg and His Bride’s Gratitude Card for Wedding Wishes


The card is approximately 4 inches by 5-3/4 inches. The card bears the color image of the flag of the Commander in Chief of the Wehrmacht, Von Blomberg’s position at the time of his marriage. As it would turn out, the personal history of Von Blomberg’s new wife would be used by Von Blomberg’s enemies, specifically Himmler and Goering, to force his resignation. The card also bears a Von Blomberg name signature stamp. Very good condition. The printed text of the card is “”Generalfeldmarschall von Blomberg und Frau von Blomberg danken herzlich für die ihnen anlasslich ihrer Vermahlung erwiesene Aufmerksamkeit” (“”Field Marshal von Blomberg and Mrs. von Blomberg express their sincere thanks for the attention shown to them on the occasion of their marriage”).


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