Early SA Service Dagger by Rare Maker Curdts Nachf.


An early SA service dagger bearing the manufacturer mark “Curdts Nachf.”, indicating production by the firm of Curdts Nachfolger of Solingen. The lower crossguard bears the SA group mark “HO”, indicating that the dagger was used by SA Gruppe Hochland, the area encompassing Munich. The blade is generally bright, with typical scratches, together with spots and some relatively light surface pitting. The “Alles fur Deutschland” motto retains some burnishing. The upper and lower guards fit the grip quite well, and the grip is dark brown in color. The plated surfaces of the guards exhibit some minor speckling, but the plating is largely intact. Inset into the grip is a nickel silver eagle and swastika. The enamel SA runes button is toned with age and has a few minor and barely visible chips to the surface. The wood grip has worn chips to the upper and lower areas on both sides. The grip also has cracks, with one on the obverse side approximately 1 inch long and two on the reverse side, each about 1 inch long. The dagger is within its scabbard, with the brown scabbard finish being approximately 70% intact. Attached to the scabbard carrying ring is the brown leather carrying strap. The clip on the hanger is marked RZM M5/74,indicating manufacture by the firm of Noelle & Hueck G.m.b.H, and it also bears the manufacturer mark of “OLC” within a diamond.


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