Early SA Service Dagger by Klittermann & Moog


An early SA service dagger that is marked with the firm designation of Klittermann & Moog. The reverse crossguard bears the designation of “Wm” for Gruppe Westmark. The blade is generally bright, with visible crossgrain. There are some spots and scratches along with the typical runner marks. The burnishing is largely intact within the SA motto. The grip is a dark reddish brown. The grip eagle is of the nickel silver type and shows excellent detail. The grip has some minor indentations as are normal from carrying wear, but there are no chips or cracks. The enamel SA runes button is straight and has some small chips or indentations. The plating on the upper and lower guards is very good. The scabbard finish is of the anodized type and shows age and wear, but the finish is largely intact overall. The ball is dented. Attached to the scabbard is the original leather hanger, which shows age but which is complete and intact.


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