Double Marked Chained NSKK Dagger by Eickhorn


A fine example of the chained dagger of an NSKK officer, the blade bearing both the squirrel logo of the Eickhorn firm as well as its RZM code. The grip is a very dark brown wood without chips or cracks. The enamel SA runes button is nicely centered and, while the silver aspects have toned with age, it too is free of chips or cracks. The grip fits the upper and lower crossguards quite nicely, with only some quite narrow space visible between the grip and the inner sides of the lower guard. There is the typical minor speckling to the nickel plating on the guards with some minor wear to the plating on the lower edges. The blade is bright and has visible crossgrain and a nicely contrasting “Alles Fur Deutschland” motto. There are a few spots on the blade and the expected runner marks, and there is a rather curious curlicue on the RZM mark that makes it look as though a small hair became stuck to the blade. The black scabbard paint is approximately 90% intact, with some paint loss, principally on the edges of the scabbard. The suspension chain has 4 upper links and 5 lower links. The designs on these links alternate between open-winged NSKK eagles and sunwheel swastikas. The center link on the lower chain has the triangular rune used exclusively by the NSKK. The reverse of first link on the upper chain is stamped NSKK Musterschutz Korpsfhrung, and the lower link is marked RZM M5/8, reflecting manufacture by the Assmann firm. There is some relatively minor loss of plating on the chain and spring clip assembly. A very impressive chained NSKK dagger by the prestigious Eickhorn firm, and in fine condition.


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