Civil War Era USS Mahopac Sennet Straw Hat


A straw hat for a crew member of the Civil War period ironclad “Mahopac”, a Canonicus-class monitor that was completed in September of 1864. The hat is of the type authorized by Navy uniform regulations in 1866 (which was also the date on which the Navy regulations required the prefix of “USS” to appear in front of a ship’s name on a cap tally). The hat is in overall very good condition, with a complete cap tally and a complete interior leather sweatband, although the stitching of the sweatband is gone in a few spots. The hat has a low crown and wide brim, and there is a break in the straw of about 6 inches on the upswept right side of the brim. The interior crown retains its original paper lining and the exterior of the crown carries an star design. The hat is a scarce and compelling piece of U.S. Navy history.


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