Cased WWII Japanese Military 10 x 6 Degree Theodolite / Transit


The case containing the optics set is approximately 9-1/2 inches wide by 9 inches tall by 5-1/2 inches deep. Japanese Army Theodolite is a precision optical instrument used for laying out permanent Gun Sites, Airfields and Buildings. It was is used by a surveyor to measure precise horizontal and vertical angles for the triangulation (location) of defined sites. Made of aluminum, brass, and steel.  The set appears to have received little, if any, actual use, with some components wrapped within the original tissue paper. A metal contents plaque inside the case bears the heading “Table of Products” and it lists the components:

Item: Glasses (Optics)

Number of Items: 1

This Appliance: 1


Colored lens: 1


Plumbob : 1

Rod-screw-turner : 1

Cleaning brush: 1

Wipe cloth: 1

2m tape measure: 1

Several of the items on the plaque are no longer present (if they ever were), but the set is largely complete and the optics themselves are in very good condition. The case retains the carrying straps and, while showing age and use, the metal case is in very good condition.

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