Australian Made Large Cog Guard Ranger Fighting Knife


Manufactured in Australia for sale to American G.I.’s and Marines during World War II, the knife has a cast brass grip on which the exterior surface of the “D” guard carries large brass knuckles of a “cogwheel” design. The massive “Bowie” style blade is approximately 9 1/4 inches long with a clipped point design. The blade is quite bright, with only one or two extremely tiny nicks on the rear of the cutting edge. There are a number of pock marks in the top exterior surface of the hand guard, most likely the result of the G.I. or Marine using the top of the guard as a means to drive in a tent peg or some similar action. The knife is contained within its original brown leather sheath with attached belt loop. An extremely impressive fighting knife, massive in size, and weighing close to two pounds out of its scabbard.


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