Allgemeine SS / Waffen SS Officer Belt and SS Marked Cross Belt with Buckle by Overhoff & Cie


The black leather belt and cross belt show expected signs of use and wear but the set is complete, intact, and serviceable. The belt has a length of approximately 36 inches. The buckle is the aluminum example by the maker Overhoff & Cie of Ludenscheid, and it bears that manufacturer’s mark of “OLC” within a diamond. The reverse of the buckle is also marked with the SS runes in a circle, the RZM logo, and the designation of “36/39” within a circle. The obverse of the buckle shows some wear to the details. The buckle keeper is also aluminum, while the cross strap buckle and clip are pebbled steel. The cross strap is marked “1042” with SS runes within a circle. Overall the set is in very good condition.


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