A Japanese Wakizashi in WWII Shin Gunto Mounts and a Company Grade Officer Sword with Capture Paper


The wakizashi has a blade length of approximately 22-1/2 inches, with the blade in the scabbard having an overall length of approximately 39 inches. The blade exhibits scattered small spots but it is without chips, nicks, or active rust. The blade is generally bright and it has a visible temper line. The tang of the blade is not signed.  The grip is wrapped in the traditional fashion with green cord. The ray skin cover below the wrapping shows some minor chipping at the bottom on one side. The standard military menuki of three cherry blossoms is beneath the wrapping. The tsuba is the solid style with cherry blossoms in relief, retaining much of the gilt finish. The scabbard shows some minor scuffs to the olive brown paint, but overall it is in very good condition. The Company Grade officer sword has an overall length in the scabbard of approximately 41 inches, with a blade length of approximately 35 inches. The machined blade shows a false temper line and areas of plating loss to the blade, primarily towards the point on both sides. The dyed wood grip has a few small cracks below the pommel but the grip is completely intact. The grip is wrapped in brass wire which has a few loose areas but which is unbroken.  The pommel and pierced guard show an uncleaned patina. The two pieces are accompanied by the “Capture Paper” authorizing the American Soldier to bring the pieces home. The paper is dated January 25, 1946, and it authorized Staff Sergeant David Gifford of the Army Corps of Engineers to bring home “1 Jap Samurai Sword” and “1 Jap Officers Sword”.



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