A Field Worn Early Pattern Luftwaffe Tropical “Hermann Meyer” Visor Cap


The cotton tan cap carries the Luftwaffe tropical eagle and cockade hand sewn to the front of the cap band and the peak. The early examples of this Luftwaffe tropical cap used the eagle and the single national colors cockade, embroidered on a tan base, which were also being used on the Luftwaffe tropical overseas caps ( later, the triangular Luftwaffe tropical eagle and the tropical winged cockade insignia were created for use on the “Meyer” tropical cap). The cap shows obvious signs of wear in the field, with spots and perspiration stains, a stitched period repair on the seam under the eagle but it is without tears or holes. The cap is lacking any chin strap. The interior is fully lined in red cotton which, like the cap itself, shows wear and perspiration stains. The underside of on cap side has two enameled ventilation grommets, while the opposite side is missing one of the two grommets. Overall a superb example of a field worn Luftwaffe “Meyer” cap which shows tremendous character.

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