A Book From Adolf Hitler’s Library with a Note of Provenance on Hitler’s Stationary


The book is a large format hardcover volume on Kaiser Wilhelm II titled “Unser Kaiser” (“Our Emperor”), published on the 10th anniversary of his ascension to the Prussian throne. The book was a part of Adolf Hitler’s library in the Fuhrer Chancellery in Berlin. The book contains the “Ex Libris” bookplate of Hitler’s library and it is accompanied by a handwritten note in pencil which was written on a piece of Adolf Hitler’s stationary bearing the designation of “Kanzlei Des Fuhrer Der NSDAP Amt I”. This was, then, a piece of Hitler’s stationary from his private office in the Chancellery that was known as the “Chancellery of the Fuhrer of the Nazi Party”. This Chancellery was divided into five offices, or “Amts”. This stationary was from “Amt I”, which was the “Privatkanzlei” or the private office that was concerned with the personal affairs of the Führer. It’s chief was Martin Bormann. The penciled note was undoubtedly written by an American soldier who found himself in Berlin at the end of the war. It reads (with punctuation and capitalization added) “Molly: Another book from Hitler’s building. [I] had to trade cigarettes to a Russian guard. You can use it to show Bill what “Unser Kaiser” is. Nice cover but too much German to read. Love you. Will write soon.” The document measures approximately 7 1/2 inches by 8 1/8 inches and it is toned with age. The book measures approximately 9 inches by 11 3/4 inches.  The book covers the life and reign of Kaiser Wilhelm II and it is profusely illustrated. The book shows signs of age, with wear to the front cover. The rear cover shows loss of color from moisture. The binding is loose but the book is complete and intact.


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