1941 Naval School of Engineering Graduation Watch Fob


The obverse translates essentially as “General Education Student”. The reverse reads “Naval School of Engineering/6th Class, General Education Curriculum/Graduation Memento/
Manufacturing Technical Student/1941”.

By way of background on the Imperial Navy School of Engineering (translated from a Japanese description): “The Naval School of Engineering (Kaigun Kosaku Gakko) trains engineers and professionals in Japan’s Imperial Navy construction techniques (foundry [shipbuilding], smith, welding, diving work), damage control, architecture and setting technique, and aircraft maintenance technique. Technical skills and higher courses promoting higher education, research and experiments of institutional officers who graduated from the naval institution school, special departments promoting further research, special departments that train associate officers, non-commissioned officers, soldiers, Education of mechanical engineering and training techniques required as a person, skill acquisition and skills necessary for skill acquisition.”


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